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Content personalisation & optimisation – 8 steps


Content is king. We all know that. But how do you make sure your users are getting the best content relevant to them?

Personalisation. That’s how.

I’m in the process of writing a guide on how to personalise and optimise your site’s content to be more engaging and relevant for your users.

My guide is in reference to using 3rd party engagement systems, like Sitecore’s DMS, or Umbraco Spindoctor.

I will follow up this post soon with a more indepth guide to each step, but for now, let me share my 8-step process:

Step 1 – Check for personalisation readiness

This usually consists of a tech audit, and a quick content overview.

Step 2 – Experience positioning

Benchmark the current level of customer engagement – analytics reviews, customer experience maturity check.

Step 3 – Check requirements

Understand why personalisation is needed. Identify goals, and match to engagement value.

Step 4 – Identify your customers

Who the customers are any what they need.

Step 5 – Customer journey

Understand how customers are going to benefit from personalised content.

Step 6 – Implementation

Apply the settings within the CMS – profile content, apply personas.

Step 7 – Test, evolve, strategise

Review personalisation, identify next steps.

Step 8 – Optimisation

A/B tests, multivariate tests.

Keep an eye out for a more useful in depth post soon. For now, let the above be food for thought.

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