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Speaking: My advice on how to love a hump


About a month ago I stood in front of 140 or so people, and spent 5 mins telling them how I learnt to love a hump.

This was Ignite Shoreditch, and the hump is a metaphorical one…

What I was referring to is something I come across in my daily job. The moment when after you’ve made some progress, you sometimes lose momentum and you hit a blocker.

My 5 mins was explaining what  I meant by the hump, and a different way of looking at it.

An artifact of progress

Instead of seeing it as a negative, and giving up, see it as a sign that you’ve got somewhere, you’ve made some headway. Its an artifact of progress. Now just keep going.

If you want you can watch the 5 min video. Be kind, this was my first speaking event!

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