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Fantasy Interactive Launch – a brief summary and a moment of clarity


On Monday a few of us from the agency I work at went along to the FI London Launch evening. It was inspiring and motivating, and really re-iterated the values we are pushing at work.

The main point of the evening was to let the UK, and London specifically, know that FI are coming. They are opening their fifth international office here on our shores. And they wanted to let everyone know, and open communication channels with the locals.

They’re here all week, and Monday night was an awesome chance to get to meet some of them and see what its all about.

It was an evening of drink, tiny tasty canapes, networking, and most importantly presentations by some of the FI guys on their recent projects, some history, and an insight into some of their approaches to work.

First up was the guys from Fig Tree, an agency who worked with FI on a previous project. Their presentation started with “Welcome to London”, overview of the history of London and some interesting facts about the City.

Next was an insight into what makes a good client, with a quick video from design director Hector Pottie looking at the client relationship Fig Tree have and how to help clients work with you. Great stuff, and something I`ve already decided to work on within our agency.

FI to the stage please.

Global Creative Director, Anton Repponen, and Global Director of UX and Strategy, Irene Pereyra, opened the lid on 3 of FI’s projects.

I wont go into too much detail, but the work was incredible looking visually, and was great to see the limits of technology doesn’t hinder creative output.

The projects discussed (as described by FI ):

Google Ramayana

A project aimed to find, push, and extend the boundaries of the Chrome Browser by retelling the ancient sanskrit tale of Ramayana through extremely creative uses of HTML5, WebGL, and Canvas technologies.

Google Chrome Store

A completely rethought and redesigned experience enabling users to easily install Chrome Apps and get the most out of their browsers.

History Channel’s Civil War 150

A micro-site aimed to showcase the most interesting and obscure facts of the American Civil War in a visually compelling and interactive manner that appealed to die-hard Civil War buffs and 8th grade history students alike.

It all comes down to passion

For me, the most fundamental thing I took away from the evening was that passion can drive you to do great things, and keep doing them.

I realised it wasn’t the fact that it’s FI that make FI awesome, it’s the core ethos they work to: Quality over Quantity.

Yes, the people doing the work at FI are highly skilled professionals with years of experience. But in reality, there is nothing different between them and other agencies in the creative digital world.

The only thing that really stops you progressing is a lack of passion.

We all have bills to pay, and all need to make money, but this really is something more people should remember:

Profit is a by-product from creating good work.

Thanks FI, your evening was inspiring and motivating to me. I hope many of the 300 attendees feel the same.

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